Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Montenegro government aims to revive maritime connection with Italy

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Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and Adria Ferries CEO Alberto Rosi recently met to discuss the reinstatement of a maritime line between Montenegro and Italy, with plans for the Bar-Ancona ferry to recommence operations as early as 2024.

This ferry service is set to provide the swiftest connection between Montenegro and Western Europe.

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The revival of this route is anticipated to have a positive impact on tourism in both countries, especially attracting interest from residents in Northern Italy who are keen on visiting Montenegro.

Rosi emphasized the strategic significance of Ancona as a departure point, noting that it offers a more efficient option for Northern Italian travelers compared to the existing route to Bari, potentially reducing travel time to Montenegro to just 10 hours.

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It was stressed that the involvement of Montenegrin companies in the project is essential, with the Prime Minister highlighting the potential for Barska and Montenegro Shipping to enhance the value proposition for Montenegro.

Preliminary assessments suggest that the maritime line would operate smoothly during the summer months, although concerted promotional efforts will be required to stimulate traffic during the winter season.

The meeting was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Montenegro, Andreina Marsela, along with Mauro Maja, President of Adria Ferries, and Roberto Mataloni, the Director.

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