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Montenegro, more than 2 billion EUR has been invested in priority projects in the field of tourism, the most in Tivat

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So far, more than 2 billion EUR has been invested in priority projects in the field of tourism that are being implemented on the Montenegrin coast, of which the most was invested in Tivat – 1.2 billion EUR. According to information on the implementation of priority projects in the field of tourism, over 333 million EUR was invested in the Luštica Bay complex alone until June last year, of which around 26.79 million in the first half of 2022. As the company recently told Vijesti, that figure reached EUR 370 million by the end of last year.

The Luštica Bay complex is being built on 690 hectares of land near the Luštica peninsula, and the entire investment program includes the construction of a settlement that will have seven hotels with a total of 3,310 hotel rooms, 60% of the capacity with five stars and more, 1,250 residential units, including villas and apartments, Talaso center, two marinas with moorings and accompanying amenities, an 18-hole golf course that will be open throughout the year, including shops, restaurants, a primary school and health facilities. The total planned investment amounts to EUR 1.1 billion.

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Within the complex, there is already a luxury hotel – The Chedi with 5* and 111 accommodation units, as well as a marina with a capacity of 115 berths. The 275-meter long beach is also in operation, and numerous business premises in the settlement have also started operating.

According to the information on the implementation of priority projects in the field of tourism, which was adopted by the Government at one of the previous sessions, five villas, six terraced houses with 13 residential units, 31 residential buildings with 203 apartments, as well as five mixed-use buildings with 34 apartments and 18 business premises.

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– If we are talking about the first half of this year, the construction of a residential building with 16 apartments was completed in the settlement, and the construction of 11 residential buildings with 89 apartments and two villas is underway. Project documentation has been prepared for the Marina hotel, which will have 200 accommodation units, as well as for three villas and six residential buildings with 60 apartments. Also, negotiations were conducted with potential operators of the future Marina Hotel – the document states. Within the marina itself, the second phase was completed, including the associated infrastructure for the needs of marina users, and during the summer of 2021, a coastal walkway was built between the marina, the large breakwater and Oblatno beach. In the plan, as stated, the provision of additional prerequisites for the creation of necessary service contents for the management of the marina, such as office and client areas.

In this period, the document states, the tender procedure for the construction of a border crossing with a facility for supplying vessels with fuel for the needs of the Luštica Bay settlement, as well as other users, was suspended. The information explained that the procedure was suspended due to the impossibility of providing communal equipment for the border crossing, while the company Luštica Development, in order to continue the project, sent an official letter to the Municipality of Tivat and a request for the implementation of the project at a new location.

– The plan is to repurpose a part of the service zone DUP 21, in order to provide service for the already developed part of the project, as well as for future planning units. The project team has been selected, and the acquisition of urban conditions for seven parcels is in progress, while implementation is planned for the beginning of this year – according to the document published on the Government’s website. Five buildings with 76 apartments have been built in the Centrale settlement, and work is underway on four residential buildings with 56 apartments.

– Two mixed-use buildings with 16 apartments and five business spaces are under construction, and project documentation is being prepared for the construction of 14 residential buildings with 119 apartments, two mixed-use buildings with 19 apartments and 10 business spaces, for a clinic and a boutique hotel category 5 stars with 33 rooms.

The construction of a street 810 meters long with complete infrastructure was also completed. When we talk about the Golf Zone, the preparation of the project for the first and second phase of residential buildings is underway. As explained in the first phase, seven villas, six townhouses with 12 units and four residential buildings with 45 apartments will be built. The second phase includes the construction of five buildings with 60 apartments and a golf club. The document also states that the first and second phases of the water transport system for the irrigation of the golf course have been completed, within which two pumping stations and substations for the transport and treatment of water from the Kotor-Tivat WWTP have been built.

– However, the quality of the water from this plant is not satisfactory, while the salinity of the water is up to four times higher than the upper limit allowed for golf course irrigation. A contractor has been selected for the construction of the main 19-hole golf course, and intensive work has begun in October 2021. 60% of the first phase of the project, including the east lake and the first phase irrigation pumping station, has been completed, but for the reasons mentioned, the work has been suspended until the issues are resolved. Water quality – it was clarified.

In the complex, as mentioned, among other things, the infrastructure for the water supply of the settlement, the first phase of WWTP, then the electrical and energy infrastructure, and liquid gas reservoirs were built. Roads with a length of about 3,350 meters were built in the Marina Village settlement, and about 1,020 meters in the Centrale settlement.

In the coordination of the Government and the Municipality of Tivat, financial resources were provided and the road MR1 was built, which is connected to the complex. However, as explained, the start of the works was delayed and the final works were not completed. At the moment, it is stated, there are no further activities on the ground, and the Luštica Development company cannot plan its obligations when it comes to the construction of the MR2 road.

Since in the previous period a significant percentage of the facilities provided for in the planning documentation were built or started, the company Luštica Development began the development of changes to the Master Plan for the remaining plots of the Centrale settlement and the development of a new Master Plan for the area of the DUP Donji Radovići East. The request was submitted to the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism. Also, a request was submitted to amend the PUP of the municipality of Tivat, including a request for the urbanization of the remaining 263 ha of land that includes the second phase of the project implementation.

When it comes to the number of employees, the report states that until June of last year, 504 people were employed in the management of the companies managing the project, of which 423 are domestic and 81 are foreign nationals. During construction works, the company employs an additional 350 to 400 workers on average.

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