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Montenegro, New routes from Tivat and Podgorica airports this season

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During this season, around 10 new routes are expected at the airport in Tivat and the connection of another eight new routes in Podgorica, announced the president of the Board of Directors of the Airport of Montenegro, Eldin Dobardžić.

– We expect new destinations Tivat-Brno, Tivat-Bari, Tivat-Vienna, Riga, Riyadh, Gdansk, Rzeszow. When it comes to the Podgorica airport, we have new lines Podgorica-Bratislava, Madrid, Gdańsk… – said Dobardžić.

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According to him, since the beginning of 2023, 300,000 passengers have been transported at airports in Montenegro, which is 17% more compared to the first quarter of the record year 2019. Also, he stated, the previous year 2022 was also successful for Aerodrome. Dobardžić said in the show “Good Morning Montenegro” that they expect to end the year with a profit of EUR 3.5 million.

– The income in 2022 was a little over 33 million, with expenses that were about 22 million and the obligations we have under the incentive scheme, which amounted to about 7.4 million. We expect to end this year with a profit of around EUR 3.5 million – said Dobardžić.

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He explained that It is not the final figure because there are obligations and unplanned expenses that arise in the meantime.

– All in all, the year 2022 was very successful for us by all indicators – said Dobardžić.

Speaking about the systematization of jobs, he said that it is necessary to involve experts from outside. He points out that the problem is more complex because of the two airports, so some jobs are duplicated.

– You have about 300 employees in Tivat, and about 400 in Podgorica, and that’s how we arrive at the figure of 700 – he said. In addition to that figure, around 100 people are employed on a temporary basis.

– We have services where there is a shortage and where there is a surplus – he said. According to him, members of the Board of Directors have no right to severance pay.

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