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Montenegro, Planes will fly from Podgorica to Kiev again

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According to the published preliminary projection of the Airport of Montenegro (ACG), flights on the Kiev-Podgorica route could be established this summer, although all flights from the Ukrainian capital have been suspended until further notice due to the war between that country and Russia.

ACG recently published a list of 40 destinations with which Podgorica Airport will be connected during the summer season and according to which, on the route from Kiev to Podgorica, the Ukrainian airline Windrose, which requested its schedules from ACG, should operate according to Vijesti.

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The state-owned company announced that these are the lines that have been announced so far, that is, confirmed, or are in the process of being agreed with the airlines, noting that the announcements are subject to change.

When asked whether the Ukrainian airline confirmed this line and on what basis it was listed in the preliminary projection, ACG told to Vijesti that they organize the work exclusively on the basis of officially submitted service requests from the airline operator.

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– The preliminary projection lists, in principle and without exception, all the destinations announced to us by all the airlines in the period in which they were looking for dates for landing and taking off at Podgorica and Tivat airports. Podgorica Airport was approached by Windrose Airlines, which requested landing and takeoff times from June 3 to October 28 for flights from Kiev, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. According to the latest updated data, this announcement is still active and is included in the preliminary traffic projection – the ACG stated.

In addition to flights from Kiev, according to the projection, traffic was also announced with the Moldovan low-cost airline Fly One on the Chisinau-Tivat route, although flights in Moldova are also disabled due to security reasons.

Tivat Airport was approached by the Fly One airline for landing and take-off times from June 13 to September 23 from Chisinau, once a week – ACG stated.

They emphasized that they responded positively to the request of that company, as well as to the request of Windrose, and whether the flights will be realized depends on them.

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