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Montenegro, No electricity price increase in the next year

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The President of the Board of Directors of Elektroprivreda (EPCG), Milutin Đukanović, announced that there should be no increase in electricity prices in the coming year, and that there will be no restrictions either.

“Although it cannot be announced unconditionally, but looking at the current situation, there will be no increase in the price of electricity in the next year either,” Đukanović told TV Prva.

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There will be no price increase because, as he stated, they planned well and took care of energy balances, reports Pobjeda.

“We have deficits in the summer months, and surpluses in the first and fourth quarters. “Unfortunately, the prices in the summer period were enormous and because of that we also had financial deficits, and these days we are “ironing out” all that and EPCG will be stable and the locomotive of the economic loom of Montenegro”, said Đukanović.

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He stated that there is no reason to increase the price of electricity and he thinks that it should serve to honor them in EPCG and to the satisfaction of the citizens of Montenegro.

According to him, the option of restitution was excluded even when, as he says, the situation was much more difficult in the summer period.

“If we did not reach for restrictions then, these days there is no mention of it. “I think that Montenegro is the only country in the world where the most important energy company did not receive a single cent of subsidies from the state, and there were no price increases or restrictions,” said Đukanović, local media reports.

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