Monday, April 22, 2024
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Montenegro affirms commitment to capital market development and foreign investment in talks with Turkish delegation

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Montenegro embraces the development of the capital market and the attraction of foreign investments, according to Finance Minister Novica Vuković during a meeting with a delegation from Turkey, including high-ranking representatives from the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

As part of strengthening regional collaboration and enhancing bilateral relations between Montenegro and Turkey, the Ministry hosted a delegation from Turkey, including senior members of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, along with the Turkish Ambassador to Montenegro, Barişa Kalkavan.

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“The main topics of discussion were the development of the capital market in Montenegro and opportunities for cooperation with the Istanbul Stock Exchange,” the statement said.

Representatives from the Istanbul Stock Exchange, including Vice President Guzhan Gulay and the Trade Relations Advisor at the Turkish Embassy, Erdal Karaomeroglu, presented proposals to support the development of Montenegro’s capital market.

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“A particular emphasis was placed on strengthening human capacities through education and training at the Istanbul Stock Exchange, as well as supporting the technological advancement of Montenegro’s stock exchange IT systems, with a proposal to enhance cooperation and better connect these two exchanges,” the statement added.

Prospects for collaboration within the Turkey-Montenegro Chamber of Commerce (Turkcham), which already plays a role in strengthening economic ties between the two countries, were also discussed.

Vuković expressed gratitude for the initiatives and support from the Turkish side, emphasizing Montenegro’s openness to developing the capital market and attracting foreign investments.

The importance of continued collaboration between the exchanges of the two countries was highlighted, contributing not only to economic development but also to Montenegro’s deeper integration into regional and global financial flows.

Both sides agreed to continue dialogue and cooperation on projects of mutual interest, aiming to create a more favorable environment for investors and enhance Montenegro’s financial market.

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