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Montenegro, Preparation of planning documents and preparation of tenders for other sections of the highway in progress

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The completion of the first section of the highway and the data coming from the field when it comes to exploitation give a certain optimism, announced the Minister of Capital Investments Ervin Ibrahimović. As he said, all efforts are now focused on the preparation of the necessary planning documentation in order to be ready for an international invitation to interested investors to continue the realization of the next shares.
As announced by the Ministry of Capital Investments, Ibrahimović met with the Ambassador of Great Britain to Montenegro, Karen Maddox, and the British Commissioner for Trade, Chris Burton.
Ibrahimović said that the UK has always been an important partner and friend of Montenegro and added that he believes that meetings and intensification of communication between the two sides will contribute to the strengthening of otherwise good bilateral relations.

According to him, it is clear that there is room for improving cooperation, especially in economic and trade relations.

– Bearing in mind the development of Montenegro as a tourist destination, our priority is the continuation of the modernization of the infrastructure in all types of traffic, and there I see opportunities for significant investments – said Ibrahimović.

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He also discussed with the interlocutors energy, as an important topic, which is dealt with by all countries, regardless of size or economic strength.

He also presented a series of activities on harmonizing the legal framework and strategic documents and plans in that area, which will enable foreign investors to plan the investment of their capital in development projects in the field of renewable energy sources more simply and with clear procedures.

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He stated that Montenegro has great potential in the field of wind, hydro and solar potential.

– With a good business environment and support from institutions, all credible foreign investors are welcome – said Ibrahimović.

He said that the UK is successfully implementing the “green transition” and added that he believes that the experience and practical knowledge of experts would be very useful for the Montenegrin administration in the future.

Speaking about the trade agreement between the UK and Montenegro, Ibrahimović pointed out the importance of that document as a starting point for stronger cooperation between the two countries. He stated that this can contribute to the development of economic and trade exchange, because, as he said, there is certainly potential.

– The tourism potential of the north of Montenegro is also a valuable potential that should be given special attention and provide investors with an insight into the projects that need to be developed – said Ibrahimović.

He stated that the construction of ski centers in several locations is in a certain stage of implementation. Ibrahimović said that there is room for serious foreign investors to build luxury hotel complexes.

– And with excellent conditions for the production of organic food, there is an opportunity to create an attractive tourist product – concluded Ibrahimović.

British Trade Commissioner Chris Burton said that the United Kingdom (UK) highly values ​​the partnership with Montenegro, stating that they see great opportunities for stronger trade and investment between the two countries.

Barton emphasized that the UK highly values ​​its partnership with Montenegro.

– We see great opportunities for stronger trade and investment between the UK and Montenegro – said Barton.

Maddox pointed out that the meeting was an important opportunity to express expectations to move forward with a bilateral trade agreement between the two countries at the right time.

As she stated, the UK has significant experience in infrastructure development, including transport and renewable energy, local media reports.

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