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Montenegro, The port of Kotor achieved 95 percent of the turnover from 2019

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The port of Kotor achieved 95 percent of the turnover from 2019, announced the deputy executive director for marketing and development at that company, Ljubo Radović, adding that they are also satisfied with the number of passengers.

In the program Dobro jutro Crna Goro on TVCG, he said that this year’s income was used to repair the losses caused by the pandemic.

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Radović also announced that the non-working Sunday does not affect cruising tourism.

According to him, this year is extremely important for the operations of the Port of Kotor, because it has justified the status it has had all these years when it comes to cruising, the RTCG portal reports.

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When it comes to turnover, Radović added that they achieved 95 percent of turnover from 2019, which is considered a record.

“Which means we are more than satisfied. When it comes to the size of the vessels, we are even better there than in 2019”, said Radović.

He emphasized that in the first half of the year, the number of passengers was reduced by large companies, due to circumstances related to the pandemic.

“In the second half of the year, that number began to increase, and we are also satisfied in that segment, especially since the characteristic of our port is that we have one ship at berth, and three positions are provided for the anchorage, and in this way we control the crowd itself,” Radović said. .

According to him, the cruising industry was the most affected by the pandemic.

“You can imagine what the ban on cruise ships has done to our company. The company was in difficult conditions for two years. The burden was borne by everyone, management and workers. However, we used this year’s entire income to remediate the consequences of those losses”, said Radović and added that the losses will be compensated for the next two years as well.

For now, 500 ships have been booked for next year.

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