Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Montenegro’s Chamber of Economy marks milestone achievements

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The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (PKCG) has, after nearly a century of existence, earned a reputation as a modern and respected business association within both domestic and international circles, announced its president, Nina Drakić.

During a ceremony celebrating the chamber’s 96 years of successful operation, held at the Montenegrin Music Center and attended by numerous dignitaries, Drakić highlighted the achievements of the past year. She commended the dedication of both the chamber’s employees and the entrepreneurs who contribute to improving the business environment through their involvement in various committees and organizational activities.

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Drakić outlined the chamber’s efforts in enhancing the regulatory framework for business operations, conducting comprehensive economic analyses, facilitating Montenegrin participation in NATO procurement, organizing key events such as the Economy Conference and the Bjelopolje Business Forum, and implementing international projects. She emphasized that Montenegro’s economy has shown significant progress in various sectors, including tourism, agriculture, energy, transportation, trade and industrial production, attributing these achievements to long-term and strategic efforts.

Moreover, Drakić reiterated PKCG’s primary objectives, which include strengthening economic activity, promoting competitiveness, accelerating digitalization and innovation, and advancing European integration efforts.

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In his address, President of Montenegro Jakov Milatović underscored the need for fundamental economic reforms to drive accelerated growth. He emphasized the importance of an efficient administration and active involvement of the business community in decision-making processes to ensure the adoption of sustainable and effective solutions.

Milatović also highlighted the significance of professionalizing management structures within state-owned enterprises to promote sustainable and socially beneficial operations. Additionally, he called for the establishment of a credit guarantee fund to facilitate access to financial resources, particularly for small and micro-enterprises, which are vital to Montenegro’s economy.

Furthermore, Milatović stressed the importance of bolstering the economy amidst new international instabilities and urged the expedited formation of oil and commodity reserves to enhance economic resilience in the face of future challenges.

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