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Tourism flourishes in Šavnik: Montenegro’s smallest municipality draws foreign visitors

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In the tranquil villages of Šavnik, foreign tourists outnumbered locals two and a half times more than in 2022, surpassing the numbers in nine other municipalities. Despite its small size, Šavnik boasted more guests than larger areas, with only eight registered accommodation providers, including two collective and six individual setups. Last year, this municipality welcomed 5,367 tourists, nearly quadrupling the previous year’s numbers. With foreign visitors comprising the majority, Šavnik recorded a total of 13,686 overnight stays, averaging about two and a half days per guest.

Jelena Todorović, director of the Šavnik Tourist Organization (TO), attributed this growth to the appeal of rural charm and tranquility, along with attractions like the Nevidio and Grabovica canyons, Pošćanski jezeri, and scenic waterfalls. The surge in rural tourism, amplified during the pandemic, reflects a broader trend of travelers seeking less crowded destinations.

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Looking ahead, the TO plans to showcase Šavnik’s offerings at tourism fairs and establish an information point to assist visitors. Moreover, ongoing initiatives, such as the development of the Nevidio canyon plateau and participation in cross-border projects, aim to enhance the region’s appeal. With upcoming events like mountain car races and concerts, Šavnik hopes to diversify its tourist offerings and attract more visitors throughout the year.

While optimistic about the upcoming season, Todorović emphasized the need for government support to improve infrastructure and promote lesser-known destinations like Šavnik. She highlighted the importance of better road connectivity, particularly the completion of the Semolj tunnel project, to unlock the region’s full tourism potential.

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In conclusion, Todorović invited tourists to explore Šavnik’s natural beauty and historical landmarks year-round, promising a unique experience that appeals to all senses.

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