Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Nine banks performed positively, with a total profit of EUR 64.84 million

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A positive result on the Montenegrin banking market at the end of the third quarter was recorded by nine commercial banks, whose total profit was EUR 64.84 million.

The loss was recorded by Zapad banka, EUR 21,000, and Ziraat banka, EUR 96,000.

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The biggest profit, EUR 19.2 million, was achieved by Crnogorska komercijalna banka, followed by NLB and Erste with a profit of EUR 13.62 million, i.e. EUR 10.06 million.

Hipotekarna banka ended the third quarter with a profit of EUR 8.76 million, Adriatic with EUR 4.2 million, and Universal Capital with EUR 3.53 million.

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Addiko Bank’s profit at the end of September was EUR 3.01 million, Lovćen Bank’s EUR 1.92 million, and Prva Bank’s EUR 536,000, local media reports.

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