Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Task Force Formed to Analyze Brskovo Contract

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The Minister of Energy and Mining, Saša Mujović, has formed an interdepartmental working team to conduct a professional analysis of the concession agreement for detailed geological exploration and exploitation of sulfide polymetallic ore in the exploration-exploitation area of the former “Brskovo” mine.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the sessions of the Interdepartmental Working Team will be open to the public.

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“In line with Mujović’s intention to introduce a new practice that issues of multiple interests for the citizens of Montenegro should not be shrouded in secrecy and that all interested parties have the right to know what fate the Ministry and the Government are determining,” the Ministry’s statement said.

They have invited interested non-governmental organizations, media, and the general public to attend the sessions, the dates of which will be timely announced.

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“The basic task of the interdepartmental working team is to conduct a professional analysis of the contract, annexes, and submitted documentation, so that based on the Report, the Government can take a final position on this matter,” the statement adds.

The first session of the interdepartmental working team is scheduled for Thursday, at the premises of the Ministry.

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