Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Unlocking Montenegro’s investment potential: Overcoming barriers to economic growth

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The panel discussion “Investment Environment in Montenegro – Moving from Words to Action,” held as part of the Top Business Montenegro 2024 initiative, highlighted lingering challenges despite a generally favorable tax policy. According to Ratko Nikolić, founder of BI Consulting and chief analyst of TBM, Montenegro’s appeal as an investment destination hinges on transforming theoretical advantages into tangible benefits acknowledged by the business community. Mirza Mulešković, an economic analyst, stressed the need for political stability, rule of law, and improvements in administrative efficiency to attract new investments effectively.

Nikola Perišić, a member of Crnogorka Commercial Bank’s Management Board, noted that the bank’s credit offerings are comparable to those in EU countries, underscoring the institution’s commitment to supporting clients and enhancing the Montenegrin economy. Meanwhile, Aleksandar Mitrović, CEO of Seed Capital Partners, highlighted the broader positive impacts of projects like the Kotor-Lovćen cable car on Montenegro’s economy and society.

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Zarija Pejović, a professor at the University of Mediterranean, expressed concern about Montenegro’s role as a raw material provider rather than a value-added producer. To address these issues and attract foreign investment, Pejović emphasized the importance of political will, coordination among stakeholders, and the creation of favorable conditions for business growth.

Overall, the discussion emphasized the need for concerted efforts to translate theoretical advantages into tangible benefits, improve regulatory frameworks, and foster a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth in Montenegro.

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