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Enhancing financial literacy: Joint endeavors in Montenegro

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Ministry of Education, Science, and Innovation, the Innovation Fund, and the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) have agreed to synergize efforts in designing and implementing initiatives aimed at financial literacy for children and youth.

During the meeting between CBCG Governor Irene Radović, Minister of Education, Science, and Innovation Anđela Jakšić-Stojanović, and Innovation Fund Director Bojana Femić-Radosavović, discussions revolved around plans to intensify activities to enhance financial literacy among Montenegrin citizens, especially children and youth.

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They also explored collaboration possibilities in projects promoting innovations, fintech, and the integration of ESG standards.

As per the CBCG announcement, the participants concurred that strengthening financial literacy is crucial for individuals’ and communities’ stable and sustainable economic futures.

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The meeting emphasized the need to make financial education accessible to young generations, tailoring programs to their age and interests.

Various activities of the three institutions were recognized during the discussions, with careful consideration given to opportunities for mutual collaboration and synergy to achieve common goals more efficiently in this vital area.

Jakšić-Stojanović stressed the importance of empowering teachers to be effective promoters of financial education. They agreed on joint efforts to train educators to impart essential financial responsibilities and skills to students.

Radović expressed confidence that their partnership would bring tangible improvements in citizens’ financial literacy levels, contributing to a more stable financial future for all.

Femić-Radosavović affirmed the Innovation Fund’s readiness to support financial education activities through innovation development processes and participation in designing innovative financial education distribution channels.

The meeting concluded with an agreement for the three institutions to maintain intensive communication. This will pave the way for the concrete implementation of the National Financial Education Development Program in Montenegro for 2023-2027.

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