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Anticipated success: Positive trends forecast Tivat tourism’s pre-season and future

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Tourism stakeholders in Tivat express satisfaction with last year’s pre-season, and early indicators suggest that this year’s prospects are equally promising, according to Nina Lakičević, the director of Tivat Tourist Organization.

Visitor numbers in our city are holding steady compared to last year, and they’re a significant 49% higher than in 2019. The majority of our guests hail from Serbia, Russia, and Turkey, largely thanks to our consistent air connections with these destinations,” Lakičević stated.

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She reported positive forecasts for both the pre-season and the peak tourist season, supported by robust hotel and private accommodation bookings.

“For the mid-May to mid-September period, nearly 70% of our accommodation capacity is already reserved. Notably, recent air links with London and Izmir have been established. Foreign agencies promoting Montenegro and Tivat have reported strong package sales, underscoring high visitor anticipation,” Lakičević highlighted.

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She also underscored the success of their ongoing promotional efforts conducted since the year’s onset, targeting both regional and key international markets.

“In addition to our existing air connections, we’re excited to introduce new routes to Oslo and Prague, which we’ve actively promoted in those markets,” Lakičević added.

Collaborating closely with the Municipality and cultural institutions, efforts have been directed towards designing and supporting cultural events, with increased funding allocated for new projects in this area.

“We’re gearing up for another round of traditional gastronomic and cultural festivities this year, with a budget increase of approximately €120,000 compared to last year,” Lakičević revealed.

Highlighting upcoming events, she mentioned the 20th anniversary of the Žućenica Festival, fisherman’s feasts, the International Carnival, string instrument gatherings, and the Guitar and Accordion festivals. Additionally, new events such as the Adriatic Pearl Festival, scheduled for June 29, are anticipated to enhance Tivat’s appeal as a tourist destination.

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