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Strategies for sustainable growth in the metal sector

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Slobodan Stanić, head of the Association of Metal Processing Industry within the Chamber of Economy (PKCG), sees a path to profitability and sustainability for companies in the metal sector through proactive measures, ramped-up production, and strategic investments in technology and expertise.

Stanić stresses the need for synergy across the economic landscape, criticizing the disjointed approach of the state towards the industry. Despite companies meeting financial obligations, Stanić insists that mere compliance is insufficient, calling for more proactive strategies.

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Reflecting on the industry’s current state, Stanić highlights a significant decline in employment compared to previous decades, attributing this to systemic challenges hindering the sector’s potential as an economic driver.

Stanić advocates for collective action to address competition challenges, urging a focus on exports alongside catering to domestic markets. He emphasizes aligning education with industry needs to bridge the workforce-skills gap.

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Drawing from experience, Stanić expresses willingness to explore opportunities abroad given the chance again, underscoring the urgency of investing in technology and knowledge to adapt to the digital era.

Acknowledging PKCG’s efforts in fostering collaboration, Stanić encourages young people to consider careers in the metal processing industry, stressing the value of continuous learning and creativity in driving economic development.

In conclusion, the campaign “Strength Lies Within Us All” aims to energize the domestic economy by promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry players, ultimately creating a vibrant and interconnected business community poised for sustainable growth.

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