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Montenegro, Clinical hospital centers from now on in Kotor and Berane

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General hospitals in Berane and Kotor will operate as clinical hospital centers from now on, it was decided at yesterday’s Government session.

As announced, the government adopted the Information on changing the status of Berane General Hospital to Berane Clinical Hospital Center and Kotor General Hospital to Kotor Clinical Hospital Center.

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In the discussion, it was stated that the health system in Montenegro is extremely centralized, given that the Clinical Center of Montenegro performs activities at the secondary level of health care for residents of four municipalities and the capital city of Podgorica – almost half of the population, and at the tertiary level for the entire population of Montenegro, which caused its overload.

By analyzing the health system, it was determined that there is a need for decentralization, that is, the creation of two more institutions that can provide tertiary level services – for the southern region it is the General Hospital in Kotor, while for the northern region the General Hospital in Berane is planned – the announcement states.

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A detailed analysis of the capacit”, internal organization, scope of services they provide, equipment, but also space for improving all of the above, determined that these institutions have enough capacity to provide certain services, specifically internal medicine and surgical services, at the tertiary level of health care for the population of the northern region and the south, through the status of clinical-hospital centers.

In the previous period, the aforementioned health institutions significantly improved their functioning, and positioned themselves as institutions with the highest quality, as well as the volume of provided health services for patients from the territories they cover – it was clarified.

As stated by the Government, by obtaining the status of clinical-hospital centers, the aforementioned general hospitals would carry out an internal reorganization that would entail the formation of an internal and surgical clinic in these institutions, with continuous personnel and spatial strengthening of these institutions and significant investments in the direction of providing additional equipment.


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