Monday, April 22, 2024
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Budva municipality implements streamlined accommodation registration initiative

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The Secretariat for Economy of Budva Municipality and the Budva Tourist Organization (TOB) have launched a streamlined accommodation registration campaign, offering additional benefits and reducing the tax fee from 11 to 8 EUR.

According to TOB, individuals interested in registering for hospitality services in their households or applying for categorization should visit the Municipality’s Sector for Tourism, specifically counters 13 and 14.

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“Assistance will be provided by our staff in filling out forms if required, alongside issuing the necessary forms and applications. These application forms can also be obtained from any of TOB’s tourist information offices,” the statement highlighted.

In addition to the application or request, applicants are required to submit a property certificate obtained from the official website of Montenegro’s Cadastre and State Property Administration, specifically the Budva Branch. They should also provide documentation such as the occupancy permit for residential buildings, building permits, or requests for the legalization of unauthorized structures.

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Applicants are further expected to furnish a declaration confirming adherence to minimum technical requirements for space, equipment, and resources necessary for providing hospitality services. They must complete a form for entry into the Central Tourist Registry and provide evidence of fee payments.

Individual applicants need to include a copy of their ID card or passport, while companies should provide registration documents from the Central Registry of Business Entities and the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Each request can accommodate a maximum of 20 beds, with a limit of ten rooms and nine apartments.

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