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Total national debt at the end of June this year amounted to 4.01 billion euros

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The total national debt, without deposits, at the end of June this year amounted to 4.01 billion euros or 75.66 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), according to data from the Ministry of Finance.

“The total state debt with deposits at the end of June amounted to 3.66 billion euros or 69.02 percent of GDP”, according to the Ministry’s report published at the beginning of November.

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External debt amounted to 3.63 billion euros, or 68.45 percent of GDP, while internal debt was 382.47 million euros, or 7.21 percent of GDP. At the end of June, deposits amounted to 351.92 million euros, including 38.45 thousand ounces of gold, or 6.63 percent of GDP.

“During the second quarter of this year, there was a reduction in the national debt compared to the first quarter of this year, primarily due to the regular settlement of credit obligations, and taking into account the fact that there were no new credit arrangements during this quarter,” the report specifies.

The Ministry said that a total of 49.84 million euros were withdrawn in the second quarter, of which 34.85 million euros, or 36.65 million dollars, related to the withdrawal of credit funds for the construction of the priority section Smokovac – Uvač – Mateševo.

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“About 14.99 million euros were withdrawn during the second quarter of this year for the implementation of projects in the field of communal services, energy efficiency, improvement of road infrastructure and the like”, added the Ministry.

The Ministry said that during the second quarter, the state debt was repaid on the basis of the principal amount, in the total amount of 108.18 million euros, of which 13.94 million euros related to debt repayment to residents, while it amounted to 94.24 million euros to non-residents. .

“In the same period, interest was repaid in the amount of 32.98 million euros, of which the repayment of foreign interest amounted to 27.11 million euros, while the rest related to the repayment of domestic interest,” the document concludes, local media reports.

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